We are lucky to work several different organizations in the region. A partner organization provides the BirdSafeKC project with input as well as promoting bird-safe/bird-friendly practices in their own work.

BirdSafeKC is coordinated by the Missouri River Bird Observatory (MRBO). MRBO contributes to the conservation of birds and their habitats through science, education, and advocacy.

Lights Out Heartland is a collaboration of organizations from the heartland area of the USA that are partnering to reduce light pollution during bird migration periods.

JCCC’s Center for Sustainability is a vital and active part of the campus community. They are an integral part of BirdSafeKC as well. Sustainability strives to balance our environmental, economic and social goals to produce more resilient systems that will endure into the future.

Burroughs Audubon of Greater Kansas City offers educational events, field trips, and citizen science activities to strengthen the appreciation of birds.